Upgrading traditional commerce to digital marketing and freelance work

on 18 NovemberŲŒ 2020 under e-commerce by Ahmed Yousry

Upgrading traditional commerce to digital marketing and freelance work

Once upon a time, there was a young man working in trade with his father from a young age, he learned many trade matters from his father, so he had a great experience to sell any commodity of any kind.

Every day, he had to go to his father’s store in the morning to come back in the evening after a day of hard work and nothing new in the world of traditional trade, and he always asked himself, Is there no new way of selling and trading that helps spread in the markets, saves time and effort and reap more profits.

Then one day, while browsing on the Internet, he found an advertisement for a scholarship on the Udacity educational platform to study digital marketing and freelance work on the Internet, so he immediately decided to join this scholarship to obtain more correct scientific experience that qualifies him to practice commerce and e-marketing on the Internet and achieve his old dream in Access to freelance work.

Because of that, he gained a lot and a lot of marketing experience necessary to work on the Internet and start his first project next to his current work and launched his electronic blog on the Internet to expand the business and build his business identity on the Internet.

Because of that, he succeeded in obtaining an additional source of income away from his traditional business, and with the passage of time he began to devote himself completely to his new job, which he dreamed of.

Until finally, the dream did not end at that point in gaining more and more experience and studying in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce. The world is developing and changing around us every day, so we must keep pace with the world around us with science and knowledge, and whatever our age, so that we teach our children as we learned of our fathers.

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